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New F1000 2 Stroke

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I had the chance to ride the new F1000 this past weekend. And though I'm a die hard Yamaha lover, I have to say.....that F1000 is smoking hot! The sled throttles up nice and smooth, and before you know it, you're hitting 100+ mph with only the back 3 inches of the skis touching the snow! Being my first time on a sled with a new style chassis, I thought it felt quite tippy sitting up so high......but........after gaining some faith in the machine, I realised that this sled corners like it's on rails! Almost crazy glued to the snow! Also, the way the seat raises was kinda neat too. With the seat up, it almost gives you the feeling that you're on a dirt bike.
We spent the weekend tearing up the lakes, walking by F7's and RMK 800's like they were standing still!
Arctic Cat really out-did themselves this time! I definately encourage anyone in the Sault Ste Marie area to buzz by Rivercity Motor Sports on Great Northern Road in Sault. Ste. Marie Ontario, and check out this big iron! My opinion.....the F1000 will probably be the last sled you'll ever have to buy. It's gonna run with the big dogs for years to come!
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