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I'm thinking of trying to go for a snowmobile experience maybe the second week in February and would like to do it in NH somewhere around the Laconia area. The reason for that is because at this point I'm thinking it's in snowmobile country and within an hour or so drive to the coast, and around an hour and a half drive to Boston airport. Also a little over an hour drive to Killington and probably closer to other ski areas. Does that sound about correct? If so it seems like that might be a good area to try to move to from where I live in GA where we can experience none of that, so I'd like to come up there for a few days to start learning about the area and see what it's like.

Can anyone suggest a good place or places to rent a snowmobile in that area? Also an economical place to stay for a few nights? Might emailing the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association help?

Thank you for any help or suggestions!
David Harrison
[email protected]
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