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New hoods

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Does anyone know where I can order a new hood for a 1999 ZL 500? Looking for good prices. Dealer wants about $700 for a hood with graphics installed. Rolled my buddies sled over a few times the other night. Don't ask, tried to make a sharp turn on the ice and the back end when out from under me. Studs and carbides caught and she just kept on rolling over, and over, and over!
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call sheehan cycle in watertown SD you can find there # on Cat's site steve had a bunch of take offs haging there to two weeks ago. $375 for fiberglass/kevlar hoods.


I've seen these aftermarket hoods but I'll need the decals. I haven't seen the kits available and to purchase each decal seperatly it gets expensive quick, even by leaving off the warning decals. Would be cheaper and easier just to order it from cat ready to mount. Any suggestion for the decals?
I would explain to your freind, that if you buy him a kevlar hood, he will be better off.     For one, it will make the sled lighter, it will handle better, and perform better.     who cares if there are no decals.  most sleds look better without flashy decals anyway.
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