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New Track Installed Predator 9818

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Well, I picked up my new track Saturday morning. Got started tearing the sled apart Sat. afternoon. Just got it all back together this morning. Ran into a few little problems along the way. Nothing real serious but just time consuming. I had problems getting the old bearings off of the skid. Had to use a bearing puller to get the plastic idler off then pull the bearing off the axle with a 2 jaw puller. Took a little longer then it should've but worked okay. Only had to do one thing over. Had the chaincase all installed and the reverse and battery box installed and remembered that I hadn't tightend in the nut on the top sprocket in the chaincase. That didn't take to long to corect though. I knew what I was doing the 2nd time around. :D

The track is sure allot better then my old stock one. It hooks up good on the harder snow. Haven't got any hard pack now cause the yard is turning into slush. It does pretty good in the powder too. I can sure climb nice with it though. That's where I noticed the biggest difference. It helped allot to for side hilling.

Here's a couple of pics that I took tonight.

One of playing in the powder and another siting ontop of a snow drift. (no I wasn't stuck either :D )





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Hi Ryan,

Your sled looks great ! and it's even better that your happy with your new track.. :thumbsup: Your snow conditions look pretty good as well. We are down to grass here in mid-michigan.

Don't you just hate when you forget a little itty bitty nut? Geeeeeez ! For Me, that would be where true anger management would be utilized. LOL !

Hi snow4, thanks. I think it's going to turn out to be okay. Dad's still saying I wasted 700 good bucks but what ever I guess. It was pretty useless in the soft stuff before so hopefully I wont get stuck as much now. :D That sucks that you guys don't have any snow left to go riding on. I'm hoping that we've got another couple of weeks left here but who knows. They're talking of lows of around 0*F for the end of the week so that will help.

I just hit myself on the forehead and then kind of thanked myself that I did remember. I was glad that I remembered now istead of when the sprocket came threw the side of the chaincase. :eek:hmy: :(

Wow great pictures like the look of your track...

Wow looking good Ryan do you guys still have that much snow up your way that’s unreal if you do ......but you guys are up a bit eh...I see Thompson was getting it yesterday -20 with snowstorm....did you get any of that....glad you have the sled back together....

Hi Rick, thanks. Yes we've still got that much snow. It's setled a little bit out in the fields but there's still a good solid 16" cover on the stuble fields. If you average in the snow along the fence lines it probably comes up to 20" No snow lately here at all. There's talk of some snow tomorow I believe. Would be nice to get a few fresh inches of powder on top. It's starting to crust a little bit on top now. There's no problem yet gettign down to powder snow but if it gets hot out again it's going to crust over pretty good I think.

There's one thing though that's got me stumped a little bit on this new track. Whe I speed up with the sled there's a different sound to the track. I don't know if it's ratcheting or if it's just the way the track is. When I speed up there's kind of a low pitched vvvvrooooooommm sound. Pretty hard to describe it in words. I tightend the track up a bit and it didn't really change. If someone reads this and has a opinon on it please let me know. I don't really hear the nois till I get up to around 60km/hr. Then after around 100km/hr it kind of goes away a bit.

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