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We are finally ready for the 2007 edition of the Canada USA Championship, less than three days before the first start!!

We have a professional tech, our scale is ready, the installation of the infrastructures is started and the zamboni comes to perfect the track. Parking spaces for the VTT and the snowmobile are arranged. We have also a heated big tent under which we offer the services of restoration and bar. The whole having required an investment of almost 75.000$. We also offer an imposing purse, not less than 15.000$ + 100% pay back. We estimate the total of the purses at 36.000$!!! Security is planned for all the weekend on the site. A security night shift will start from Thursday march 1, day and night until monday march 5.

Be ready for a great competition!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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