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Official f7 f5 press release!

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Cat is killin' me with all this cool new stuff. The F7 is almost like having a Black Magic 711 mod Sno Pro. I own a 2000 Sno Pro and was patiently waiting for a possible, comparable release from Cat; but, with these new lightweight babies on the horizon, this is way more than I could have dreamed for. Wow. Go to maximumsled dot com for info.

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Here's a question.If the F7 is 140hp and the ZR900 is 150hp what's going to happen to 140hp ZR800?
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I think that first bit of information was a little exagerated.  I'm starting to see what started as 140 hp and 70 lbs less than the ZR's is now "ABOUT" 140 hp (138) and close to 50 lbs lighter.  Either way I still think it is a kick a$$ sled.
I agree the need for the 800 has somewhat dissapaited. We think its an as* kicking machine but this 700 is right with it especially with the weight shaving. I have a feeling that they will still be totally different machines, not to mention I would rather have the 800 in the mountain cat if I was doing some serious climbing. I have a feeling they are really starting to seperate the gap between mountain cat and ZR style. The new Firecats are not going to be mountain climbers although with a deep lug track you could make the old 121" track models scale just about anything. I really cant wait to get on that 13" track. I am sure it feels alot different
I have a scanned add here that has all the preseason order colors, very cool, I cant figure out how to set it up as a link though.

You have 4 choices, 1st is Black with a Canadian maple leaf, Red and white graphics.
The 2nd is Red, with a patriotic red whtie and blue flag and graphics.
The 3rd is typical Arctic green with all kinds of little sponser contingincy sticker across the bottom.
The 4th and probably my Favorite, Black with small flames and what appears to be a skull of a sabortooth tiger.
Flames, skulls, sponsors, and flags, I think they have everyone covered.
I may just have to order the flameout one this year, It better be as hot and pissed off as it looks.

If I can figure out how to post it I will.
Yeah we have been talking about those colors since we saw them at the x-games. I just cant wait to hear the $$$ signs when this thing comes up for purchase. I dont think a high price tag will deter alot of guys so I think we can expect to see that number rather high. If I could walk out the door with an F5 for under seven then I will be ordering mine next week, but other then that they might be untouchable by those of us who dont want to mortgage our houses and sell our nice trucks to buy one.
I agree with powderboy. They may look good and go like hell but how many arms and legs is it gonna cost. I hope its reasonable so I can order one in the spring
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