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Oil and grease

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Hi everyone,

I am new to your forum and a new owner of an older Ski Doo. in the manual it call for "clutch lube" for the clutch and low temp grease for the boogies, (told you it was old), what is clutch lube? a light oil or grease?  Will todays all purpose greases be OK on the boogies. Any help would be greatly appreicated.
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Thanks for the replys, the clutch lube is the one I was wondering about the most. Use the wrong kind of lube, makes a mess, the next thing you know the belt is slipping. I'm just trying to figure it out right the first time.
If you really want to know, I found myself a nice old 1972 Ski Doo Olympique In excellent condition. Mechanically in top notch shape, want to keep it that way, the body is also in great condition with just a little surface rust on some of the chrome, ( almost a bad as having boogies eh?, not a lot of plastic on this old girl). One thing that is plastic is the hood, thought it would be fiberglass, but no such luck. There is some small cracks in it down by the hinge area, any suggestions on the best was to repair would be greatly appreicated also.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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