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Oil Injection On A Non Oil Injected Engine

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Is it possible to make my TXL 340 L/C engine oil injected if it isnt already?
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Well you'll need a new crank ( one with the pump drive gear on it), a pump drive shaft, a pump, a way to mount this on the engine, connecting hoses, carb and crankcase fittings, and a oil tank, plus a few items I'm sure I forgot. Oh yeah, you will need to drill some holes in the engine and carbs, so you will want to take both of these apart so you don't have any metal pieces inside the engine.

So, can you do it? I guess you can. Is it a good idea? No, not really. You would be much better ahead to buy a used 400 or 500 LC engine with the injection on it already, and put that in your sled. Scratch that, just buy the whole sled. :whistling:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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