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Oil pump sticking

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my wifes 02 800 mxz has been going through alot of oil so i was going to turn the pump down but i noticed it was sticking quite bad. any other of you guys notice the pump sticking?
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I haven't noticed, but I haven't checked because I was going to hit 1k miles before I turned it down. I'll check and let you know.
hers has about 1500 miles,it hasnt fouled any plugs but they were pretty black
My sled was using 1 gallon of oil every 150 miles when I first got it (2001 800MXZ). I took it to the dealer, and they turned it down, but it was sticking on me when I got it home. I fitted a small spring from a Remote Controll car to remedy. Your local hardware will have a large selection also. I tried several, and ended up with the RC car one becasue it was the "softest". I could hardly tell it was on there.

I put it over the cable. It pushes on the arm and on the adjuster. I feel this is a band aid fix, but the only one that would fix the problem. I have ran like this for over 2500 miles, and the mileage is now approx 350-400 a gallon, or about 100 miles a quart.
Good idea "D"! I'll check on mine as soon as I get it back. Still at my buddies on the trailer from this weekend.
Buddies mach z does this to. Good idea with the spring.
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I was going to ask the same question here,as mine is doing the same thing, and I was told then do this if its not running. Has anyone tried starting it and seeing if it sticks?? Mine still sticks even when running, tried it.
I had to replace mine, I  found out later that its a common problem, it was big bucks, I think somewhere around 150 U.S.
if your not fouling plugs or burning really excessive amounts of oil ,I would not worry about it.more oil is better than less my 00 700 sticks a lil but I really dont care I never leave it at idle long while riding it  
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This is why i love this site.I checked my oil pump and it's hanging up a bit as well(thought the smoke at idle was alot even for a mild day).No signs of the fixed half of the secondary coming off yet
,but with all the ones i've heard of flying off i'm getting a little nervous.
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