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I have desided that i am going to adjust my oil pump.  My mach z doesnt smoke that much at idle but when you hit the gas there is a noticeable amount of smoke that comes out of it.  I think that its getting way to much oil.  

My dealer sets the machines up rich but I think he went overboard here.  

Also i mixed regular doo oil with amsoil and wondered if that caused the smoking.  

I know that the triples need more oil and its good to spoil them but im sure that this is just to much.  

Can someone with a mach z give the info im going to ask.

For 1 full tank of gas 43L how much oil should be used in the tank?  

And does the oil pump setting work on just moving the cable to the next notch?  

And what meters the flow of oil at idle?


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check this info out because I am not positive it is corect.

I was told that when running amsoil  
the oil pump can be turned down because the (viscosity )
is diferent  than regular 2 stroke oil.

basicaly  ams oil  will flow thrue youre oil pump faster than stock oil.

I recomend running the oil you have out and refilling it whith the oil
you will be useing then  checking the consumption of oil.
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