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Here's my last update for the season. It includes the "letter" trails in the Ganny plus the trail up to Millbrook. Also I have E108 tracks (eastbound & westbound) from PPSC clubhouse to Bewdley. The previous E108 track ended @ the Ganny Forest Center. Unfortunately we didn't have great snow to run from the Ganny up to Bethany & Lindsay to get a complete track. I've marked the railbed from Bethany north. If anyone has tracks from the Long Sault clubhouse east to Bethany, that would be helpful.

I've added some Paudash Trailblazer & Old Hastings trails as well.

For those riders who ride the Buckhorn trails, I ran the portages between Catchacoma, Mississauga & the other lakes to ride up to Anstuther, PTB-609 & E107.


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