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Our Sled Trip To Flacon Lake

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Ok the first one the wife was looking back to se were I was she forgot I was leading the way ha ha...

[attachment=34587:DSCF0024.JPG]This one was of the can am trail...

going into the states....



Going into Ontario



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Now that is very interesting Rick. I saw the sign indicating customs ect... How did all that work? I mean I can't tell from the pics how they would stop people entering either country without stopping for customs, but I'm sure there is more to the pics than I can see. I don't see a sole around in those pics so what did you have to do from that point?

Now thats different Rick...I like change! :thumbsup: CooL pics buddy! -Dave
That brings back memories. I drove those trails alot back in the 70's and 80's. Even helped groom them a few times when I worked for Parks at Falcon. Nice pics! Thanks!
Ok here is how we found out about this Snow4 we went up to West Hawk lake for dinner Thursday night we met a guy ......he told us about this place called Grumpy’s you just sled down then talk to this picture phone tell them who you are and talk to the Canadian customs on your way out...

So away we went we crossed the line found this picture phone tried it and it was not working .....the wife said read that ok it said go to Grumpy’s bar and call in we did they asked from my name and the wife’s name what make a model of sled we had with the plate numbers so I gave the nice gentleman the info....he said remember to call the Canadian customs before you leave...

So we had lunch looked around talked to some nice people for sometime then it was time to leave so I called the Canadian customs they asked me if I bought anything just lunch asked about the sleds then proceeded to give us a number ... that was for if we got stopped....witch we did not....thought this was real neat how they trust us sleders...and why not eh.....

I hope that tells you how it works Snow4 I thoght it was cool ....

thanks Dave

a few more pic's

Grumpy's Sign
here is one of the picutre phone
trail yes they sure are nice Zog I wish the snow was staying because we would be going back that's for sure...
picture of the wife
U.S.A. Flag
I like this one

Rick :D


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That is amazing Rick, especially since 911 ya know? That sounds like a really neat experience to try.

Please tell your wife she sports that yamaha real well. She looks great on it ! The last picture looks so inviting of that long wide swooping trail......ahhhhhhh.

nice pictures. i enjoyed them very much. im glad to hear you got a last ride in before the season ends. im stuck here with grass. and agreed with snow4 that last picture looks very inviting. we dont have that much scenery around here so i enjoy looking at every one elses pictures.
Great pictures Rick. Glad to see you got into some nice Spruce trees. They're always a little nicer to look at then those scruby old poplar trees. Looks like some awesome trails.

How is that trail system holding up for snow quality? Has it been melting a lot up there? I am getting a couple of sleds in for development work and I would love to get up that way and ride. I live about 2 1/2 hours south of the Warroad border crossing. Thanks for any info you can provide (or anyone else).
Gusto I think they are having a fishing derby next weekend at Falcon I live 2 hours away so I do not know how the conditions are but it is -15 here right is a link for you they might have more info for you...

Rick :D
Gusto I think they are having a fishing derby next weekend at Falcon I live 2 hours away so I do not know how the conditions are but it is -15 here right is a link for you they might have more info for you...
Rick :D[/b]
Thanks for the link. You've got a great organization there in Manitoba. Unfortunately, the website says that all trails are closed in the Southeastern Region. I tried to call the main number for SnoMan but I got voicemail. I will try again.
Hi Gusto you are in the wrong area I took a look this is what I forund it is under Provincial Parks

Whiteshell Provincial Park
Conditions All trails within Whiteshell Provincial Park are open. Due to warm weather and developing slush only Seven Sisters to Nutimik Lake main trail has been groomed. All other trails are ungroomed. Overall conditions are poor to fair.

Warm weather and melting conditions have deteriorated the snow base drastically. Please be aware that further seasonal conditions may develop. Watch for bare and icy patches along the trail – trail riders should be alert and reduce traveling speeds.

Caution is advised on all lakes due to slush and frozen slush. We advise staying on groomed trails and using caution for travel on all streams, beaver ponds, swamps, rivers and lakes.

Winter recreation information can be accessed online at

Last Update March 14, 2007

I hope this will help you I'm heading out tomorrow morning with a buddy for a ride just around the Interlake....

Rick :D
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