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Out With The Zx With The Rev......

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After riding hard this weekend and me getting older i'm getting a rev. chassis for next year. What can anyone tell me about the 2007 mxz 550x sleds?? Looks to be in my engine size and price. I really like to pound the ditches but don't want to spend more than seven grand. Any thoughts? I've heard great things about the 500ss motors but not much about the 550f's. Again any thoughts?
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Nate, I dont know if this will help, but, I ride with a guy who has an 06 mxz fan cooled, must be 550, he weighs about 225 230 lbs, and is 43. He handle that sled like its his own foot or something. I was riding my '98 670 Z last year with him and I was getting beaten after 50-75 miles of club groomed trails. Not him, and in late March on hard pack and ice when it got warm 40-45f I was running near sometimes in red but that fan cooled eng. never missed a beat. Great sled, light weight, great power to weight ratio. Good Luck
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