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Pantera 1000

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I have a 550 2001 panther and would have liked to have gotten the 1000. realy liked that sled the first time I saw it  but  the cost was way to hard to justify.  I am thinking of hunting a leftover or a used one I understand they made them in 2000 also.
any opinions or info would be appreceated.  
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I'm in the same boat....will get a Pantera for my wife....dont' get the 1000, look for a leftover '01 Pantera 800 efi...less weight and better performance.  I hope to find one this summer.
i have a 2001 pantera and mine is a 580.are you sure yours is a 550??the machine is really smooth and goes better with 2 riders than 1( my opinion).the only problem is that they won't go in a 10 foot enclosed trailer.they're almost 12 feet long.good luck with that-but other wise i like mine.
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Jim  The 2001 1000 has has 32 more HP to ofset the weight difference.   are you sure the 800 would be faster?  plus the 800 is a twin and not a triple. also they did not make an 800 panther or pantera in 2001  that was in 2002 and they no longer make the 1000 or the 600 triple touring  I am thinking the triple would be less vibration.
Boss  Yes mine is the 550  it is a panther not a pantera.  the pantera for 200l  came as a 1000
and a 580 which were blue and a 600 triple touring  The panthers came as a 550 440 and 370
the 550 is the only panther that had the same suspension and removablel seat as the pantera.  oh it cost less than a pantera also.  and you are right about riding better with two on the sled The only thing I had to watch with two on the sled was don't give to much throttle coming out of a turn I found mine harder to steer.  even with the shock adjusted over halfway to add weight to the skis.  I will have to take up the limiter straps and try that.  
does anyone know of a dealer that has a 1000?  they tell me they made them only two yrs.
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I loved my 580, and looked hard for a used 1000, but just couldn't find one.  Ended up with a doo, triple.  I would have to say, on a large sled, where your not too worried about weight, go with the triple.  What a smooth ride, and much better fuel mileage.

Good Luck

According to the 2000 brochure I'm looking at there was only a 1000 triple touring, a 600 TT, and a 580 twin efi. In 2001 there was the same as 2000 and in 2002 they had an 800efi and a 600efi both twins.
Thanks zert  I did not have a 2000 brochure  I gues I was told right that they made it only two years.  Now If I can find one and then talk the wife into it I will be set.
I have a Triple Touring 600. (Fancy for a zrt 600 two up.) The sled is awsome when
it comes to all day trail riding. It will hang with any sled wide open and run circles around
all the other 2ups.
I have also had the great pleasure of riding the Pantera 1000. That sled is almost the
same with about 57 more ponies.
If you want to make the shorties look bad on the lake, BUY IT.
If you want to have a great time trail riding BUY IT.

I must warn you, If you think that this sled will hang with any shorty think again.
It is a tank! Don't get me wrong, the sled is a screamer. But it will take control of
you if you want to hang with the "boys".
You need to think about what kind of riding you do and how much effort you want to
put into your riding.
(Perhaps your passenger may want a sled of there own?)
Now that may be money well spent.
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Sorry ZIP, meant '02 EFI.  As far as performance, wasn't necessarily talking about speed, but overall performance such as acceleration (EFI) and less maintenance (no jetting).  Believe me, will not be looking to win any races on a Pantera with someone riding with me.  Less weight = easier to move around, who cares about the extra hp., 140 is enough.  I'm figuring that in a couple years we will buy an enclosed coach for the two boys and the Pantera would be the best tow sled, with the longer track.  Let me know what you buy.
I think the 1000cc Pantera would be the ultimate 2up trail sled.  Plenty of power for two people, great gas mileage, smooth ride, broad powerband, tons of torque and top end speed when needed, and you can still go out to the lake and put a hurtin' on some of the single seater sleds!
  If I was to ever go to a two-up I would definitly go with that, the triple touring 600, or the powder extreme two-up.
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ZIP, my father in law has a 1000 pantera.  That thing rocks.  I think it is a 2000.  That thing will pull the skis off the ground like you wouldn't believe.  That thing will deffinitely beat most twin single seaters.  It is a tank though.  It is close to 12' long.  We got that thing stuck a couple of times and man, what a work out.  But, you can ride two full grown males on it and have power to spare.  If you like to have a comphy ride, and have the throttle on the straights to put the hurtin on others your riding with, this is the sled.  He put T-cat stickers on it, it looks cool.  He is looking to sell it.  Are you interested?  We are in Pennsylvania.  E-mail me at [email protected]  I'll give you more details.
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