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Pantera leaking coolant from rear?

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I just picked up a '97 Pantera for the wife & I to cruise on. The guy swore it had no problems. But now I find coolant leaking in the back near the heat exchanger. I think he knew and wanted to dump. The wife thought he was being honest but now we're stuck!

Anyone know what might be wrong. After shelling out $3500 it kind of makes you a little MAD! :angry:
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I agree.  Before you get too upset, check out the clamps.  Unless you have a crack or a cut in the heat exchanger, it can't be too serious.  Maybe just a cracked hose, if not a loose clamp.  Don't be too hard on the guy who sold it, that stuff can happen just due to age.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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