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Parting out a 1986 skidoo formula sp that was given to me last year. I got to ride about 2 hrs before it blew a bogey wheel off near the end of winter last year. It is pretty rough as far as body work and needed front ski's and a couple other bearings in the suspension so i decided i didnt have time for it. Here is a list of the things in particular i figured would be of interest to some people.

Pictures up soon hopefully.

$225 or best offer - rotax 462cc liquid cooled "type 464" motor - includes everything on motor including ignition, exhaust manifold, and clutch *(with a chip in it explained down below)* ran great for the 2 hrs i rode it, i started it before i ripped apart the sled just to make sure it was still happy. no carb with motor.

$65 - quimpex "kevlar" track 114" x 15" - seems to be in good shape with all clips present and plenty of track rubber left.

Make offer - Heat exchanger, appears to be in good shape, rivet holes are slightly drilled out from removal (if this doesn't sell it is going straight to the scrap yard lot of aluminum :)

make offer - all of the gauges, in good shape, mileage on speedo says 2708 or something like that. The tach is the only thing i was able to test in my basement before parting it out, i ran it without the hood on it when i rode it this last winter. THey all should work but can't guarantee it.

Make offer - Drive chain and sprockets, in great shape as well.

Make offer - chain case (minus cover) still has some bearings in it.

Make offer - oil injector tanks with sensor still in them. don't leak but i dont know if sensor works or not.

Make offer - track drive sprocket, at least i think that is what it is called. has pretty straight teeth.

***** sometime before i got this sled something let go around the clutch area because there are some grinding marks on the motor around the driveshaft (nothing horrible enough to cause problems) also there is a very small chip out of the inner clutch pulley if that is what you call it. Clutch worked fine but i wanted this to be clear*****

Lot of these are "make offers" because i don't know what they are worth. I got this sled free and don't care to research it all. I have lots of other stuff from this sled as well including the entire wiring harness random track and suspension and brake parts that might be useful to someone. Let me know if there is anything you want me to look for, chances are you can probably just have it if you can come pick it up since i got this sled free i don't really care. after about a week or so i am listing the big stuff on ebay if not sold here, the rest goes to the scrap yard. Ask plenty of questions if you want i will answer what i can for you.

Motor, Track, and heat exchanger are pickup only. Other stuff i can ship out if you want. Buy a bunch of stuff and we can work out a deal or something. THanks


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Rotax 462cc type 464 motor

Still have that Rotax 462cc type 464 motor ?

Or how about just the crankshaft c.w. bearings ?

If it is in good shape might be interested for the right pice !

Ken Flack
Pointe-Fortune, Quebec
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