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Parting Out 99 Zl 500 Carb'd 300 Miles On Motor

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I picked up a 2000 zl 700 mint w/rev I couldnt pass up, so have to part out/sell my 99 zl 500 to make up the expense. Wife said so. So... the 500 has only 300 miles on the rebuild. Looking to get $650. Does not include stator, carbs, clutch exhaust, intake, cdi. Runs like a raped ape. Some things I will probably keep for spares for the 700 where applicable, but most will go. Track not for sale, stator not for sale(at the moment)

Email me at [email protected]
I take paypal and ship fedex. I can put the part on ebay, buy it now, if you feel more comfortable about it. I have 100%feedback. I will be stripping the sled beginning of 2-26 week. ALso have brand new cobra windshield, med, for this sled, I only used one time. The new ZL has a great w/s with the mirrors, so staying with that.

EDIT: I decided to part out the 2000 700 zl, keeping the 500. LMK if you need something.
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