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83-87 yamaha aeen pipes $125.00
Ski doo sno pro pipes $250.00
(Not sure what chassis they fit)they came with 354 sno pro engine.
Several sets of gagne (sectioned) pipes. Per set $250.00
I have 250,340,440's pipes.
1979 nos arctic cat cross country windshield $40.00
Brand new repro 75 z windshileds each $45.00
Misc. 81 srx motor parts. E mail with needs and pricing.
Several used arctic cat hex clutches. Each $40.00
Nos set of 76 z 440 pistons per set $170.00
Several 76 440 z used heads starting at per head $40.00
79 ski doo sno pro front end $950.00
(Trailing arms, spindles, steering links, and shocks included)
79-82 used ski doo sno pro gas tank $100.00
81 scorpion sno pro hood used and new tail $350.00
(Hood venting has been modified, needs fiberglass repair on
Very top of it. It would be an easy fix.)
85/86 manta complete top half fiberglass $300.00
(It is the entire top piece including the back hinged piece.
Has 2 cracks. They are in an easy fix area. Non of the vents
Have been damaged.)
Used raider dashes black and tan a piece $18.00
Nos raider dashes black and tan a piece $35.00
A lot of raider parts and parts machines
(E mail with needs and pricing.)
Several arctic cat el tigre/z head temp gauges a set $35.00
(Non of them are the purple trimmed ones. There is at
Least 3 that are for the vip.There are also a couple
That have the white and red numbering. Maybe someone
Could tell me. Temp only goes up to 475 degrees.)
Several 76 z hoods per hood $75.00
(Various amounts of glass work needed. The main glass
Work needed is in the hinge area which is typical of
These hoods. Very fixable, good hoods.)
2 354 ski doo blizzard engines per engine $300.00
(These are consumer type engines.)
1977 arctic cat z hood. $100.00
(Needs glass work. Very fixable.)
1976 arctic cat z seat cover $140.00
(This is a custom seat cover. It's in perfect condition,
But it is custom. E mail for pics.)
75-77 z steel cleated tracks. Per track $250.00
(Used excellent condition.)
75-77 z aluminum cleated track. Per track $300.00
(Used excellent condition.)
78-81 arctic cat sno pro tracks per track $250.00
(Used excellent condition.)
Nos 77 ski doo super stock track $475.00
(Brand new belting and titanium cleats. Needs to be riveted
Together, it's that nos. All parts are in perfect condition.)
Misc. Arctic cat el tigre style skis per set $20.00
(Newer and older style. In good condition.)
Used 76 z leaf springs per set $60.00
(Good condition, not bent.)
77 ski doo super stock blizzard hood $200.00
(Very good condition.)
Arctic cat used sno pro gas tanks per tank $75.00
(Good condition. No leaks.)
78 used original rxl gas tank $75.00
(Good condition, no leaks.)
1977 arctic cat 250 z used cylinders with new pistons $400.00
(This includes 2 used cylinders, perfect condition, and
2 brand new wiseco pistons. These cylinders are the case
Reed inducted cylinders.)
Nos head gaskets for the 500 l/c arctic cat motors per set $20.00
1980 arctic cat nos sno pro hood vents a piece $75.00
Nos 433 and 338 gpx head gaskets per set $25.00
Nos txl/txc low snowmobile cover $125.00
(Still in original box.)
Misc. Used sled covers. Priced between $30.00-$45.00
(Some ski doo, and a bunch of cats.Some are faded
But are in good shape. Some blizzard covers, early 70's
Eltigre cover. Mid 80's to early 90's cat covers.)
Xenoa 440 used engine $500.00
(This motor is complete with electrical, carbs, clutch,
Exhaust, and rewind. Motor ran fine when pulled out of sled.
It came out of either a 76 or 77 nitro.)
Misc. Steel el tigre style gas tanks per tank $20.00
(Good condition. No leaks. May have rust inside. Non
Are chrome.)
1981 el tigre 6000 500 cc engine $500.00
(Complete with carbs, exhaust, electrical, and clutch. Ran
Fine when pulled out of sled.)
Nos raider skis per set $25.00
(These skis have surface rust. They were not painted
When put in crates that i got them out of. Perfect
Good used raider tracks per set $75.00
(They do have some weathering. They are in good
Useable condition.)
Several brand new "polaris pioneers a star is born" per book $30.00
(I didn't know this book existed. It chronicles
Polaris from 1954-1989. Definitely some very cool
Stuff for the polaris lover. Get them while they last.)
Brand new polaris cook book. $30.00
(This cook book was issued for the 35th anniversary of
Polaris. Learn how to make tasty rxl nachos now!!! Lol.)
76 z gas tanks per tank $50.00
(Used good condition. No leaks.)
Srx aeen pipes per set $275.00
(Used, excellent condition.)
76 z 440 exhaust pipes, no cans. Per set $150.00
(Used good condition.)
Arctic cat used blue dot tachs for 76 z's per tach $20.00
(Used, good condition.)
77 z tachs per tach $20.00
(Used, good condition.)
Ski doo used 3 to 11 tach per tach $50.00
(Used, good condition.)
Several sets of carburetors. 34's to 44's. Prices range from $35.00 to $125.00 per set.
Several nos arctic cat throttle and brake cables. E mail with needs. Prices range from $10.00 to $40.00. No older triple carb cables.
77 z fiberglass reproduction dash boards. Per dash $75.00
(Graining is a perfect match to originals.)
76 z fiberglass reproduction dash boards. Per dash $75.00
(Graining is a perfect match to originals.)
Nos raider bodies per body $200.00
(1 for 73-74 hawk/eagle. 4 for the 72 raiders.)
1972 used ext hood $75.00
(Needs very minor glass work.
1978 - 1980 polaris txl/centurion used hood $125.00
(This hood is in very good condition. Needs to be painted.)
Prices do not include shipping.
Don't change that dial....There's more to come!!!
Thank you very much for the use of the site.
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