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My friend has managed to total his 98 Cougar 550 Carb w/ reverse.  I and another friend of his are planning on using it for parts to repair our sleds.  So we have a couple questions before we unbolt lots of stuff and find it doesn't fit.

Question 1)
Can we take the Fasttrack ETT skidframe/track and put it into a 97 ZL 440? (if so, any modifications needed?)

Question 2)
Can we take the reverse off and put it into the 97 ZL 440?

Question 3)
Can we take the gas tank/seat off and put it on a 97 EXT 580 EFI DLX (esr)  I think there is something different because of the electric fuel pump, but can it be done simply?

Question 4)
 I want to take the handlbar assy off and put it on my 97 EXT 580 EFI DLX, but noticed it has separate switches for the hand/thumb warmers.  Should be fairly simple to rewire, right? (I'm good with electrical)  Also, any issues with the kill switch (open vs. closed circuit)?

I think that's all we're currently planning on scavenging, since the front end is the beat part (nose dived into the ground, driven home 90 miles on 1 cylinder and then had the dead cylinder detonate).

Thanks in advance for the help/advice/info

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