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Pilot Ski Question

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Anyone that has ridden a sled w/ Precision skis knows how they'll follow another set of Precision ski marks like a slot car. I'll try to move 1 way or the other so that the skis aren't in the "ruts".

I was wondering what it's like if you're on a sled w/ Pilot skis riding on a trail where the last sled thru also had Pilots on. Is the "slot car" effect less or the same as w/ Precision skis?
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first time tonight with my pilots i noticed a little following, i think it was because i was on fresh over top of hard tracks.
I run the same trail here, over and over and I am the only one on it, so it's full of pilot tracks. The trails now are all ice, real hard and I don't find it follows the previous trail to bad acctually. alot better than my old "performance" ski's of the mid 90's LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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