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There is a set of stinger pipes in the auto trader for an 800 XCR and I'm just wondering if they are worth buying and if anyone has any other suggestions for pipes?
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You HAVE to be a complete adrenaline junkie!

On pipes in general:
You can look for a little moodyness on the part of your motor
when it comes to running in conditions that it wasn't jetted for. You will definitely see/hear/feel a difference across a 25 degree spread for instance. It will be a little less forgiving. Same thing on the clutch.The aftermarket pipes are looking to run in a much narrower RPM band than the stock pipes. That's where the extra power comes in.  The stock pipes aren't quite as focused. If you do decide to pick up a set of used pipes, you'll almost have to have the support of the manufacturer in order to get information crucial to clutching properly for those pipes. You might be able to get that info from somebody running the same brand pipes/motor that you are. But what if it doesn't work? Without that info/support the pipes you have on there now will almost certainly develop more power.
But maybe you already know all this, just my 02.

How's the riding in Nova Skotia?

Good luck,
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Is this stinger set up actually triple pipes and cans or just the cans.  There is a difference.
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