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Hey I own an old 1986 pantera 440LC that is used only for friend
coming home or when my other ride is broke (1994 ext efi). The
Problem with the pantera is that piston wear out on skirt very
very fast on intake side only. Does anyone have any idea why?
I did put new piston 2 years ago (kimpex) and the machine had
run about 4000 miles and last spring one of the piston explode in
one of the cylinder. I was not able to see skirt condition since it
had explode but did check on the other cylinder and the piston
was so badly worn out on the skirt (intake side) just like the
original piston when i bought the sled. Now I order 2 wiseco piston
to put in it maybe with forged piston it will last longer. I do know that carb are easyly freezing on it can it be the trouble?

Any help will be great since I dont want to rebuilt this engine
every 2 years.... :(
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