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Piston Wash?

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Have never checked wash before but have been reading up on it. Is it unreliable if I am using synthetic oil? i am havng a hard time reading plug readings compared to my egt readings. The pipes I put in are race snocross pipes, I hear they have a restrictor in them. Plugs seem to have a two sided color to them. One side looks light light brown with the other side of the plug a little darker.How would this affect egt readings? Was told not to do no longer than 10-15 second WOT with these pipes.
Having hard time finding correct midrange and main readings while trying to compare plug readings and egt readings. have yet to look at piston wash.
What is an exact procedure for looking at the wash? Do I need to drain abit of coolant first from the bottom hose( near pump), so coolant doesn't leak into cylinders when I open the head? And when is the best time to look at piston wash? When engine is cool? Or after a 1/2 to 1 mile pull? Or is their a procedure like when looking at plugs?( Kill button with WOT, etc).
Advice and/or pics would help. Thanks
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first of all you should doo a search. second, oil has no effect, third, dont pull the head buy a 15.00$ flex lite shine it down the plug hole , suffer the fumes as you squint, and look at your plug wash when the piston is at the bottom of its stroke.
a flex lite is a specific light? or just a generic type( small light on a flexable wand)? Can you see the entire piston top from the plug hole? I think out in the middle of the lake after doing a pull I wouldn't be able to see much. I have been doing searches, just leaves me with more questions!
The type of oil does have have a effect on piston wash, a dino oil will burn different then a synthetic oil, some oil will leave alot of carbon on the piston top, some will burn cleaner leaving little carbon on the piston.
It's best to use a mineral oil rather than a synthetic in order to read piston wash.
Got some advice, thanks anyways
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