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Planning Trip From Florida To Munising

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My son and I are planning a road trip from our home in Florida to Munising to do some snowmobiling. The trip will not take place until late March or, very early April, so we might as well plan on going way up into the U.P. in hopes there will be plenty of snow. I purchased a 2007 Arctic Cat Z570 LX and need to put more miles on it before it goes into storage for the summer. We'll need to rent a snow machine and will do so from Munising Sports.
Keep it cold and "Let it Snow-Let is Snow-Let it Snow!"

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If its early April, you may need to rent a snow machine for sure. The kind that makes snow.
You might have to head on into Canada by then. IN has had a warmup this week and next so I am sure MI and the UP of MI wont be real far behind.
If you're travelling that far, you might as well go west and play in the mountains.
Do some late season riding out there.
The way things are looking here, I'll be shocked to see rideable snow that late this year.

Good luck.

Thanks for the information and will keep a close eye on what is happening up there. Richard
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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