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Subject: Snowmobile Closures
Importance: High


Valemount and Blue River are very popular mountain snowmobile destinations in Western Canada. In the last few years we have seen an extraordinary increase in recreational snowmobiling. Due to this rising snowmobile market we all benefit one way or another.

Now, recent government snowmobile closures threaten our community’s winter economy. Unfortunately, this could happen anywhere in Canada or the US and greatly affect any one of us, especially the snowmobile enthusiast therefore directly linking you, your town, or your business.

Other areas across BC are now being targeted. What can you do? Forward this to all your contacts and get everyone involved doing the same, find out more & sign public petition at

Please act immediately the deadline is March 12, /07

We encourage BC Residents to also contact their Provincial Representatives directly through

Thank you for taking a moment to consider supporting our future!

On behalf of local area stakeholders,

Lisa Levasseur, [email protected]
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Signed it this morning Jeff, hope it gets a tremendous S/W sign up

i signed to how many signitures do you need?u should get penty heer SWRules
Just signed
120 Signatures Total
Done also! Hope the momentum picks up....125 so far.
Number 193 Hope mine helps also!
# 203, good luck friends to the north. We have people trying to steal our PUBLIC land too.
What a disgrace !!!!!!!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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