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Polaris Hood Weight?

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Ok got a different kind of question :confused: but figured you guys would have some clue one way or the other... I just bought a XC 600 WEDGE (older style) hood. and nosecone & is supposedly being sent with it. my question is being sent (Fedral Ex.) and I noticed on the slip the "weight" the package says it weighs.....

I will tell you guys the weight it say.. BUT wanted your honest hard thinking,of what this might way to send out (weight =????)

THANKS guys and girls...! looking forward to hearing from you.. :thumbsup:
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im betting it about 30 pounds. and people say lightweight aftermarket hood are just the same. you can buy hood that weight like 6.5 pound, that a 23.5 pound decrease
well like I told her on the slip to FeEx it says 24 lbs. lbs and thats supposed to be wth noce cone?? I dunno baby we'er just thinking heavy ..may be the guy is just cutting the hood in half and sending the rest later :hallo1:


24.0 lbs.

Departed FedEx location </span>

either way who knows...anyone else???
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