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Polaris xlt 94

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I have a total new rebuild and my question is, when I put the stator plate back on I line up the marks with the plate and the motor block. The sled runs fine but now and then comming down from a hard throttle I get a slight back fire I have heard of people checking thier timming with a light is this to fine tune it or is the way I did it the right way and I should look for the cause some where else? I checked the marks on the stator and block and they are still dead on but i never marked where they were when I took it off. ??? If I need to use the light please explain how
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Make sure your carbs are in sync and your throttle cable is adjusted right...the saftey switch on the throttle block can cause a very short ignition cutout when you let go of the throttle if there not quite set right.
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