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Polaris xlt 94

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I have a total new rebuild and my question is, when I put the stator plate back on I line up the marks with the plate and the motor block. The sled runs fine but now and then comming down from a hard throttle I get a slight back fire I have heard of people checking thier timming with a light is this to fine tune it or is the way I did it the right way and I should look for the cause some where else? I checked the marks on the stator and block and they are still dead on but i never marked where they were when I took it off. ??? If I need to use the light please explain how
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You can use a light to make sure your timing is on but im am not sure if that is the problem.  What you do is connect your inductive or in line cable to the MAG side plug and get a seperate 12 volt battery to connect the timing light power.  The window is on the top of the recoil cover.  The mark on the block where you lined up your timing is the same  as the arrow on the recoil cover.  That way if you have to adjust it you dont have to take off the recoil cover.  Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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