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Polished tunnel

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Here is a trick that I learned (everyone probably knows already) The tunnel on my MXZ is not clear-coated so it can be polished. I've been working on mine and I have one side looking nearly like chrome! Looks really nice.

Anyone else done this?

When I get it done I'll attach a picture.
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Hey sledboy what did you use?  I used a product called FLITZ,  that suff works like a cats ###!   I polished up both sides of my tunnel and it looks better than new,  being all chrome looking  :D   Good Luck,  I would post some pics but I need a digital camera
!!  Nick
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My dealer does it for anybody who wants to pay. A brand new sled will cost $150 and a used sled will cost $200. That is the tunnel and the rear bumper.
I did mine in about an hour myself,  the FLITZ cost me $12 (US),  and I had plenty extra!!
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I bought a bottle of Blue Magic Metal Polish at Wal-Mart for about $3.  Like nick gehring said, mine took about an hour.  Its amazing how great they look, and it actually lasts quite awhile before it needs touched up!!
I used Autosol... It took about 30min to do mine and it sure turned out SWEET!!!!!!! You can buy it at any auto parts store..
 :D  :D
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I did the same to my 00' mxz polishing the sides of the tunnel and the exhaust pipe to a chrome looking finish,I used Mother's aluminum polish with little time or effort,rag turns black with first wipe. :0
Anyone have any pictures of the completed project? Also, what did you use as far as tools?  By hand? or a drill attachment?  

I started with Never dull. But I'm switching to Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish.

Can't wait to finish it!

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I havn't done a tunnel yet, but I've gone a little crazy on the other stuff.....I took an extra 3/4 horse motor I had laying around, clamped it in a workmate vise, and mounted some 8 inch buffing wheels to it, (A sprial one on either side of 2 soft flannel ones in the middle making a 2 inch wide wheel) you can buy  all these for  about 15 bucks total  at lowes or home depot etc.  I took my aluminum covered exhaust  pipe off my 670 and using red rouge buffing compound, buffed it to chrome quite easily. This metal is really soft,  and responds well to buffing and comes out great! The buffing also takes out minor scratches.  Next was the belt guard, then the chain case cover came off and went on the wheel, and finally the secondary's windage plates came off and went on the wheel. You can see your face in any of these parts, I get a lot of positive comments, and I've buffed a few other guys engine parts since doing my own.   I don't have a digital camera, but if i can round one up, I'll try to post a picture or two...... Give it a try, its pretty easy, you'll like the results.... DooZ
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So far I have done 2 sleds, a 2000 MX Z 600 and a 2K T-Cat MC. I use a Makita variable speed POLISHING gun with a couple of different polishing wheels, and a few different polishing compound density's, this particular set-up also worked great at getting automotive aluminum wheels looking like new. I have used the polishing paste before with poor results. The results from the polishing wheels are far better than the paste. You guys must have worked for longer than an hour to get the tunnel looking like chrome with wheel polishing paste. I have also done the head, clutch cover, front bumper mounting brackets, rear bumper, chaincase cover, rear susp. slide rails, ski saddles, and the steering arms and rods. With the polishing wheels, the tunnel takes me about 2 hours for both sides, and the rest of the peices take about 4 hours because of there size and tight spots. If you would like more info just send a message. I should be posting pictures fairly soon of the sleds.
I tried the never dull as posted a while back and WOW!!!!!!!!!
You need sunglasses to get near my 00 formulalll 800!
:0  :0
Finished the tunnel last night.  Using Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish.  Works like Magic!  I bought a buffer wheel on a drill and it took no more than 10 minutes per side.  

I've got new decals ordered for the hood and once completed I'll post pictures of the completed project.  It started as a stock yellow MXZ.  

It looks very different so far.
Can you post some pictures of the polished tunnels?
I'll be able to post pictures next week.  

Have to put everything back together first and then put the decals on.

I did mine and the wife's sleds with the mothers mag polish and what a difference.I've almost got her convinced hers is newer now so i can bye a new one at the end of the year. ;)
hey, me and a couple of buddies including my brother have done about ten sleds with autosol, works great and looks oh so sweeeet.
Is anyone working on getting pictures posted in here for their polished sleds yet??  I'm really curious to see how these sleds look!!
Give me about 4 days and I'll have some to post
I am going to try get pics up in the next couple of days(need to barrow a digital camera)
Here is a picture, I'm not sure how visible the tunnel will be.
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