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Power Valves Full Of Carbon

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I have an 05 Ski Doo Renegade 800. Bought it new in 06. In the 06 season I put about 1400 miles on it running the full synthetic XP-S oil. At the beginning of the 07 season I cleaned the power valves and they were very clean. After about 700 miles this season I started to get intermitant idle issues. I just pulled the power valves and they're nasty. Sludge and a lot of carbon on the beveled edges. The only changes between the two seasons are Amsoil Interceptor oil and VForce3 valves. My brother in law runs the Amsoil in his sled (the same 800) and has never had a problem. What gives? Is it the oil or maybe another problem? BTW, the plugs look great except the outside plug housing is carboned. Any ideas?

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This is hard for me to say as an amsoil dealer. Sounds like the interceptor doesn't like your sled. All of my doo buddies run it with no problems. The 600 cat power valves don't like it that much, but I think they just get too much oil. Reed valves shouldn't have anything to do with power valve issues.
your oil ratio is probably high

Most power valve problem aka sticking/gumming are high oil ratio related and not the oil used
Thanks guys. I'll be checking my oil setting for sure. One other thought I had, when I swapped over to the Amsoil I didn't totally empty my oil tank from the SP-X. I may have had about a quart still in it. I have to wonder if mixing the two oils may have had something to do with it. I'll be checking the oil setting and running cleaner through it shortly. Thanks again.
Timely topic. Our group of riders has had a problem with carbon on the valves this season. Each of us is using a different brand of oil (Shell Advance, XPS semi-synthetic and Amsoil). We have our oil ratio adjusted to 40:1. I can't help but wonder if the speed you run has a bigger effect on the way the carbon builds up. We have ridden trails in the Southern part of Ontario this winter and there aren't that many opportunities to run WOT for very long. I know myself that I felt the valves 'kick in' only a couple of times in 800 miles - am I driving the sled to slow? Other winters we would go north for a few days and had more opportunities to run faster speeds - speeds that would utilize the valves more.

We clean our valves every 1000 miles and find that if we wait longer than that, we have difficulty removing and cleaning them.

Get out for a ride soon.
2 things come to mind and neither may be correct but...1, the amsoil may flow better and your pump is flowing more. ya know with a good oil technically you should be able to use less maybe on the order of 70 to 1. i seem to remember using amsoil in my mxz`s and if i ran them at 40 to 1 the raves where filthy. or 2, coincidently your oil pump is starting to fail not returning to the closed position when the throttle is closed. either way, a check of how much oil you use per gallon should clarify this.
i use legend zx2r and right is running aroud 18:1 which is rich but every thing working great so am afraid to change it 52l of gas 2.950 liters of oil. pulled valves after 2000kms and only smalll build up in bottom corners of valve. definetly not sticking at all
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