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Powermadd Handguard Mirrors

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I picked up a set of these mirrors from royal dist they bolt on the powermadd hand guards. last weekend before my big trip. :inlove: well the left side mirror lasted about 5 min and it fell off. :cussing: then about 3hrs later the other side fell off :cussing: .I have never seen such a crappy product in my life :cussing: the mirrors were held on to the plastic with 2 way tape.

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Crap, I just put a set of those on my quad.....

Well, at least I know to keep an eye on them. Have you talked to them about warranty replacements?
hey guys,
go for the Acerbis and wear a hand mirror.
works great for me,
Sledheaddude800 had them on his Gade but had to take them off as they where too heavy for the stock brackets and stuck out way to far with the ones provided. I guess the mirrors didn't have a chance to fall off :blush:
Well i sent them a nice email :cussing: and i recieved an email back today.And they are aware of the problem.They told me they had a bad batch of 2 way tape. :crazy: and they would send me a replacment set . :tongue:

hope these ones last a little longer because they did work great.
I've had a set on all winter and they've been great. Your new ones should be better
Call Paul Yarek and he will give you some CRAZY GLUE :D

that should help
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