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Primary Clutch Problems

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i have a 1990 exciter 570l/c the clutch is sticking when i open up the throttle wont release when i let off hit it with a rubber mallet a few times then it came back worked good for a week stuck again this time wouldnt come back this time i broke a weight bought a new clutch puller but only bent it cant get clutch off
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use anti sieze on your clutch puller, then crank in your puller..if it gets as tight as you can get it, and the clutch still has`nt poped off..... get out a brass hammer, and start "tapping" on the end of the puller.., dont get carried away, just light steady taps, the shock waive will eventually get it to pop loose..(usually)

Now, if i may ask...
How did you bend a clutch puller??
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