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If you ride Cat, or Mountain, Or out west. You've seen the Black Diamond Pro-Lite Series sleds. And for 2013 at Cannon Power we will have the BEST Pro-lite Ever Built!

Starting out as a Arctic Cat Pro climb Sno Pro (153" or 162")
We start shedding pounds like a Olympic wrestler before a match,
Black Diamond Front end - 5lbs
Air intake delete - 12lbs
Lightweight seat - 3.5lbs
Fuel Tank w/2.5g extra cap. - 5.5lbs
Chromoly rear skid - 8
A/C Sport bumper
Sled wrap
50mm Throttle body - 2lbs
Chain Case Cover - 5lbs
Lightweight rotor - 1.5lbs
Engine kit w/ ceramic pipes - 20lbs
Skinz running boards
Pivoting steering post - .75lb
Recoil drive - .5lbs
Clutch kit
1 year warranty

Bringing the weight down to 430lbs (depending on length)
153 - 16,699.00+Fees for a 200 horse power Snow devouring, competition stomping mountain machine.

Don't be the guy stuck half way up the hill your buddies have to dig out. Be the first to the top!

Visit us at
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