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Project Zx

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I am looking forward to this project :D

Are you gonna go to the "at any cost route" or a practical affordable route ???

I have a suggestion for the hood BR Tech clear lexan hoods :hallo1:

Thanx Dave keep us posted :sly:
We looked into Lexan hood, but the durability issue was one that we couldn't overlook. They are known to have problems cracking and breaking when used for trail riding.
Exellent idea,think it would be cool to see the cost is no object side of it and the other side doing it on the cheap :thumbsup:
I think it's a great idea.

I just have one question though. Is this project totally unbiased or are there some advertising concerns involved?

If there's anything I can help with, let me know. I've been through more than my share of aftermarket parts.
I wanted to build a project that would represent what is available out there that nobody in the midwest are currently using. Things such as carbon fiber arms, etc.. are things I have never seen here, so that is what I went after.

Allot of research was put into what is out there, what works, and what is available. Many sources were looked into, but I feel what I decided to pursue is what would fit the project's needs best.

Amongst it are a couple of products like the Team clutch that just are talked about allot on the forums, but nobody has any details on it.
All projects and reviews on SW are non-biased. Period.

I would accept nothing else.
We can fix you up with our coatings if you want (powder, ceramics and dry film lubricants).

Doug Byron
Process Coatings
Croswell, Mi
I can't wait to see this sled in action. I think the sled should be called Ultimate ZX.
Hopefully this sled will be at the SW ride in haliburton, for some real world testing :p It will be nice to see some performance numbers and a Wet weight.
I'm curios as to the cost of the ExpertX rear suspension? I wanted to get one for my sled but, low and behold I cant find them!! Let me know where to get a price! Thanks! Can't wait to see the results on this thing. Should handle like a Cadi and drive like a Dodge Viper!! Keep it up! SWRules
The reason that we didn't include the price, is during the article AD Boivin had yet to release any 2004 pricing. As of right now, the suggested retail is $1500 I believe, but there are many places to purchase for less than retail. If in Michigan, I would suggest Ratt Racing in Traverse City
I've never heard of Ratt Racing. Got an adress big guy?
Well, so that all can see, I have some pics of the finished project. There are a couple of articles to come regarding the Buck seat, and such, but here is a look at it on the snow!


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That sled is sweet but I don't really care for the seat. I looks like it wouldn't be comfortable. Can't wait to see how it preforms.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The Buck seat looks odd, but upon sitting on it, and riding the sled, it is awesome. The material is built in such a way that there is a soft layer of foam on top (about 5 inches thik) over more ridgid material. Like it is 2 stage. Honestly, it feels like it adds 5 inches of travel to the sled. And the lack of obststructions, makes it very functional. It looks odd, but I am telling you, it adds to the function of the sled, much less it weighs 15 lbs less than stock.
That seat looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

Mainly because I'm one of many people that have a hand in making BUCK Seats.

Hello, my name is Kristopher Reeb from Kamloops BC Canada and I work for Mountain Machines Canada and we build BUCK Seats!

They were designed for a mtn sled originally and look much more at home than on a shorty:p

Mountain Machines Canada


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I love it !! I can't add much into the technical talk of this sled... but from a females perspective.. I love that look.. !!! Great Job ! I think the seat looks good as well. :)
I thought it went for a reasonable price on ebay, less than you would think
that would have been cool to have, I wish I had that expert-x on my 2000 mxz 600 black special
Yes, there is a gentleman out in Wisconsin that owns it now, says he bought it for his wife, but says she rides the REV since he liked it so much.

Honestly, still wish we had it around. It was dealy quick and very very light. A ton of fun.
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