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Question About Trailing Arms On 02 Xc-sp 800

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Greetings, just had a smash up on my 2002 XC-SP 800, I hit a big mother of a rock and wrecked my trailing arm. I found a used one for a 2001 XC-SP 800. Is that the same trailing arm? Does anyone know?
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i would imagine that they would be the same due to the fact i dont think a year would make a difference on those sleds
Same. An Edge is an Edge as far as I know.
I checked the part numbers and they are the same
you might want to check the numbers. even though it is only a year it makes a BIG difference. i was told that all egde models are the same and found a 2000 edge trailing arm and i would not fit on my 2001
Thanks for the input guys, I'm postive there the same.
Going to get it tommorrow.
Thanks again.
soak the bolts with good penetrating oil a few days b4 the swap! i just changed mine and the rear mounting bolts were a bear to get out! lower shock bolts were a little tough to.
my sled is alot older so you might have an easier time! good luck
the 99 and 2000 are the only ones a little different. any edge arm other then that will work. the prox and RMK will not work though so dont try them
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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