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I'm looking at purchasing a 02 ZL600 (reverse, es) with 2100 miles. I've read all the posts on the sled, but had a few questions (noob)...

1) What's a fair price for this sled?
2) Is this a reliable sled? Have people had problems with it (or more than comparable sleds)?
3) Any known issues or repairs I can expect around this mileage?
4) In general, are sleds good up to a certain number of miles before they start experiencing more problems?

Thanks for the advice.[/b]
My last machine was a 02 ZL 600 efi esr, put 5400 miles on it and was generally very happy with it. Keep the power valves clean and you're good to go. The SS models had some shock problems but the others were OK. In the end I had the original belt, sliders and plugs, I did break a power valve cable at over 5300 miles but that was an easy fix. I wouldn't be afraid to own another one.
Price will vary with location, and I know a few guys that have machines with over 10000 miles on them but there's too many variables, depends how you treat it, maintenance etc.
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