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Quick 4" Blast Of Snow!

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Well, we got a surprise snowfall.. Enough to ride around the front yard and fields.... Just after I stabilized the fuel, sprayed 2 cans of WD-40 on em... etc. etc.. Oh well, gotta take it when you can get it!


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Ya tic, we got about 3 inches here yesterday. We still had a little bit of the snow left here from before in the woods so I took the REV out and rode around the yard, and had the dog chasing me. She was having fun. No PICS though, sorry. Take it when you can.
Trails are great up here but the forecast is calling for mild temps and rain, oh well.
Two words you gotta love....." Alberta Clipper" :thumbsup:

Sweet have fun .....yes it is warming up big time here I sure wish it was not stay cold please....

Rick :D
Dang....we didn't get any new snow up here!



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