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We are proud to announce that we will be helping out companies again this season with their race support programs. As of today we are offering sponsorships for Amsoil, C&A Ultra Pro Skis, and Straightline Performance.

We are negotiating deals with a few more companies and we will post that information on our website ( as soon as the details are finalized.

In addition to recruiting riders for these companies we will also be running race support for them at the full WSA National circuit along with whatever district and regional events we attend. Watch our race schedule on our site and that is where we will be each weekend.

On a side note we are excited to announce that we will be fielding a race team for the full national circuit. Our national riders are:
#20 Tyler Olson- Pro Stock & Semi Pro Open
#2 Jeff Hall- Pro Vet
#431 Mike Gibson- Sport Stock and Sport Open

Then at regional level we will be running an additional 4 or 5 riders in a variety of classes.

Check out for further details and all contact information for this program is listed on our site.

Thanks for checking us out and see you at the races!!

Team MRI
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