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Well I got my 500 Mxz back in running condition.  I changed every idler wheel bearing, Plug wires, Cleaned Carb, Changed the oil, Re jetted, and am running Super Bosch Sparkplugs which worked real good in my mach last year.

It started 2nd pull and sputtered on the first pull.  I synced the Carbs and idle.  and took it on the Grass.  

Its running strong (Tunnel Vision).  The Rejetting woke it up.  My buddys 2000 mxz is in trouble.  The 1998 Rotary Valved engine is Dangerous for its class.  

My Rev is still at the dealer but they wont take it out of the crate for me until they switch from selling and fixing boats to selling and working on sleds.

I know that the engines are a little heavier and taller but dogging the rotary valves was a mistake, its a great engine, its already got more kms then any 4 stroke atv i had which is good and for some reason never needed Rave cleaning, and retains 152psi compressing in both cylinders and will pass a leak down test with flying colors.

All of this may be thanks to running castrol syntec since day one.  It is a real good oil with a good smell.
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