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Rear Supsensions

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anyone know what a 1995 xlt special would have for a rear suspension?
xtra 10 or 12
any help would be appreciated.
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the xlt special should be the extra 12 rear with the wider front ski stance. the xlt should be 8 or 10 with std ski stance.
thanks, any idea what it will take to install into ski doo 94 stx?
I picked up the skid today for 125.00.
we are supposed to get up 15 inch of snow this weekend.
all you need is the new mounting hole but i dont know what they are
can't I use the old mount but just move it forward?
the skidoo and the polaris suspension dont have the same mounting positions. it the holes arent in the right places the suspension wont work right
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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