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Reeds, yeh or neh?

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Does anyone have any info on whether reeds are worth putting on without any other modifications?  (i.e. clutch work, pipes, etc.)  I know they are easy to install but I want to make sure that it makes a difference.  

If so, any recommendations on which kind to buy.

2k ZL 700
2k ZR 600 Millenium

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Not really.  You would be alot happier with a clutch kit than reeds on a stock engine.

300.00+ dollars for 2-3hp. Not my cup of tea
I disagree, reeds are one of the best investments especially v-force.  You may only pick up a few ponies but it increases throttle response and torque at the low end drastically.  Have them in my 98 zr 600, 02 zr 800, and 96 zrt 600.  Actually when I put them in my zrt it broke the motor mount with the extra power.  Granted they were defective mounts but the reeds are a definate investment.
Reeds do help a little, but are not worth the investment if that is all you are going to do.  As for better throttle responce and better bottom end, you will not notice enough to make it worth the money.  Go with Clutching and Studs first.  IMO!!!!
wow, those are definitely different opinions...Catrules & mtrsprts, do you guys have V-force reeds?  If not, do you think the brand could make a difference?  btw, I do allready have 144 studs but engine stuff is next.  

As far as clutch kits go, does this increase the chance of malfunction...the last thing I want is to have to mess with the clutch on the trail.
Could really tell the difference when I put V-Force on '96 ZRT800...acceleration, not neccesarily horsepower.

Ask the Polaris engineers. They are putting case reeds on just about all their engines now I think. I'm no rocket rider so I didn't mind the older type setup but with most snogo rigs now being geared toward the speed/sport market that seems to be one of the things they've done to feed that market. There must be a reason.
Put the reeds on, I've ran Delta Reeds on stock T-Cats, modified T-Cats, and ZRT 800's. There a good building block for future mods.
Malfunction on clutch kits?? I'm not sure what you meant by that, but I have logged thousnads of miles on clutch kits, D&D and Cutlers. I perfer Cutlers because they do better testing at higher elevations.
I have a 2002 zr600c with v-force II reeds.  Not alot of actual additional horsepower but definately better throttle response and acceleration.  Noticed better gas mileage too.
I run them on my ZRT600.  Didn't do much for top end but they really woke the sled up in low and mid range.  Gotta have em.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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