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Renegade price

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Im looking at a 2002 MXZ Renegade, 450 miles, DPM, RER.  What would be a good price to offer to the seller?  Taking into consideration the time and crappy season.   Thanks in advance.
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I think the best thing to do is check out the new price on, check out prices at your dealer, and check out the Kelley Blue Book ( under the motorcycles section.  Then make a price decision based on the three.
I tried but they don't have the 2002's up yet.  Ski-doo switched thier website to 2003 so I couldn't find the price, but I'll try it again.    Anyone else have and advice for me?
I checked the Kelly Blue Book for the price on my 02 ZR and it was in there. It wasn't what I wanted to see, but it was in there  
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if your interested in driving to Indiana you could have a new 02 800 renegade at a real nice price call pence recreation or click the banner on the site for a e-mail  address.I just check there site it says renegade 800 red now 7299.95.I rode with the guy sunday and he still has it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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