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Rev x or rev sport

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Dilemma for me as to what model REV to buy.  My only existing sled is a 96 Mxz 583 and that will become the wife's machine next season once the Rev is in the garage!  I like riding with the boys but as the wife will now have a sled next year, I know that there will be some significant time spent "touring" (she is helping pay for it, so whats a guy to do). Question: is it worth it for me to get the X model instead of the Sport?  I want the 800, RER and DPM options... I am still looking at close to $1000 price difference to go to the X.  I heard that the main difference would be that the remote res shocks won't fade as quickly... does it make a big difference?  How about getting the 1.25 lug track vs the 1.0? Any insights to help me decide would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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Go all out or you will regret it afterwards, so get the X and get the 1.25 track, if i had my time back when i bought my sled in 01 i would have had the 800 instead of the 700 just for the sake of having the biggest.
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I thought I was the only one with a small man complex......JUST JOKES......I try to always buy the biggest and best because when I dont I always have regrets
the shocks on the x package make it well worth the extra money. Plus it will help the resale value if you ever want to off it.
So much to ponder over... thanks for the insights
Go for the Mxz X.  It will hold value much better and give you a better riding experiance.  I rode the X and would not buy anything else because i dont want any compromise.
X all the way!  All out like the other guys said.  
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I got a X this year, and I'm loving every minute of it.  My bro has just a regular MXZ 700, and I think the X is a lot more attractive.  That big X on the windshield and seat.  I Just love it.  I say get the X!!!
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