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Has any one riddin the new Rev ? What do you think about it? I am going to get a chance to ride it this weekend my dealer called and said he was going to have one. I bought a new XC 800 this year and have been diehard Polaris for 8 years,  but the new REV looks like the one for 03'.
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 does your dealer sell both makes polaris and ski-do ?
All I can say is I WISH I DID ride a rev already!
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Yes my dealer sells both Ski Doo and Polaris. He is a Polaris guy his sled is a modified Pro X 600. I ride with him and his girlfriend, so he knows what I like in a sled. I have never really given Ski Doo a thought until now. Some people on the forum have ridden the 800cc REV and say it handles like a Blade with more low end grunt. I can't wait to try this thing out.
From what I was told Saturday from my dealer, he spaent a day on the sled. The seating is more like a ATV. You are forward more on the sled putting you in a "equlibrium" position as the sled rock back and fourth on the bumps. Also it is much easier to stand for the big bumps because you are in a more upright seated position. The engine is now further under the rider. Compared to the MXZ chassis, the Rev is more rigid do to the triangle geometry from the front shocks, to the handle bar, to the rear suspension back to the front shocks. It is lighter at , what 450?? I think he said. and he bounced between the MXZ and REV over the same trail in Quebec for three days and found the ReV to be more comfortable both cruising and bump bashing. Price has not been set yet. I think this sled will not be cheap though.....

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read an article yesterday in snowsports mag about the REV and it is supposed to be competitive with the standard mxz line.i sat on one at kawartha downs at the extreme snocross series.its like sitting on a dirtbike.your knees rest on the cowling though.I wonder how my knees would feel after a day of rough riding and slamming off of the cowling??just a thought.
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My brother had a chance to ride it saturday. He works at a dealership and asked the promo guy who had one in a trailer to take it for a spin. From what he told me, the new ridding position is not comparable to any other sleds, it makes the sled feel alot lighter and easy to control and an alot more comfortable overall ride. Cornering is beter than mxzx and as for jumps, the sled is horizontal and very stable in the air,coming off and on landings. He also mentioned that he can lift the front and back of the sled with one hand (he is strong but can't do that with other sleds) so the weight is really distributed in the center of the sled. The footrests are incredibly sturdy, even more than mxzx and the susp. can absorb anything you throw at it. Not sure if he was trying to sell one to me but i'm buying one anyway.
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