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Revs trail ride

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anyone else thinking that its going to tip over going into a turn  at 40?  looks top heavy no? 4 wheeler with skis and a track?  anyone els see this?
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They seem to be keeping them top side up in Snowcross. I cannot wait to ride one.
Saw the REV's in a race last night and yes a couple did crash nose first but they out accelerated and out handled the zx's in the corners.  hmmmm
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it's only the seat height that is high, for the rider position.
Paul,us older gentlemen will probably have to lean a little more on the REV.My stomach told me I wasn't 18 anymore.More body weight,more leaning.
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 were you born in the sixties ?
Cannot believe how many people thought the REV was going to be a bust.

From the firstt time I saw it I knew it was going to be one sweet sled. I just makes sense.
The REV feels just the oppossite. You don't need to lean at all to get around a corner. Of course you need to but at speeds where you just had to lean before, now just sit there and turn the bars. It's so natural it's weird. :inlove:
this is not my post

who posted under my name?
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