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Ring Free Additive

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I use Ring Free additive for my 2 stroke outboards religously to prevent carbon build up on the rings. Never hear anyone talk about using it on 2 stroke snowmobile engines- does anyone have any input on this? Thanks
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Are you talk about the product made by Spectro? or something different?
Outboards can benefit from a product like that as they use TC-W3 oils which are stickier and produce a soft "ashless" deposit sometimes, especially as they tend to be run at constant speeds and not always ideal for good burning. Variable speed two-stroke oil is low ash as a result of metallic additives which help around the ring lands to keep heat and wear reduced. When used at the proper rate, low ash oils do not leave much, if any, deposit. Use a good quality - (I did not say OEM or expensive)- oil, stick with one and you should never need an additive. I have pulled apart engines with thousands of miles on them which show virtually no deposits in the rings or ring lands. Too much oil can be bad though.
Great explaination! I understand it now. Thanks!!!
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