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Ripsaw Track

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Hello everyone, looking for some advice and konwledge one weither or not a 121"x15"x1.25" will fit my 1998 Yamaha 700 XTC dlx. I've done a rough measure of the distance between the heat exchanger and the base of the current track and came up with 2 and 3/16". I don't know about the tunnel clearance though. I had one ebay seller tell me that it woudn't fit another say it should. My brother in law had a 1997 600 XTC with a 1.25" track on it and he didn't run into any problems. I'd like to sitck with a higher lug but if I can't I guess I'm stuck with a 1". It'll still be better then whats on there though. Measured the track height and it's at 11/16" right now. Not verry good in this loose snow that we've got now.

Thanks in advance for any tips and advice.

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i would say it might fit not 100% sure though.? my buddy has a 2002 viper with a 1in track and studs and he has no problems.
Hi ZIPPARS02mxz800sp Did some more looking today and I'm pretty sure it'll fit. Now I just have to find one. Best price that I've found so far from my local dealers is 550 cdn for a fully cliped track. And 200 to install. Has anyone done one themselves? Is it a tuff job? I'm considering doing it myself because there's some other things that I want to do when it's apart. I've got a service manual for the 97 series VMaxes everything is pretty much the same.

If you haven't bought the Ripsaw already, you should seriously consider getting something else. They really don't seem to stand up to abuse at all, not nearly as tough as a Predator.

If your brother had a 1.25" track on his XTC then one should fit on the 700 as well.
Haven't bought anything yet and I'm open to other ideas. Thanks I'll check it out. The biggest reason I was lookign at a ripsaw track is because they are fairly readily available. I ride farily agresive, not right to the handle bars all the time but I keep it open pretty good.

check on ebay. just watch out on the shipping charges.
It will fit

in 98 you could have bought a Vmax XTC 700P

it came stock with a 1.5 x 15track
Thanks FB, going to try to get one on yet this winter so I can get some use out of it. Should still be another 3-4 weeks of riding yet. If I'm lucky I can sneak into april again. :D Could be a early spring though too. Then I guess I just put it away till next year again. :(

Did some looking on ebay before, but I'm a little scared of what it's going to cost me to get it across the border. There's one guy on ebay that's willing to help me out as far as that goes but still a little leary.

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