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Rk tek head squish and compression

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Someone asked me to post my squish and compression
on the RK Tek head on my 700. I finally put it

Stock: squish: .081 - .083, compression: 125
RK Tek squish: .058 - .060, compression: 135

Don't ask me how it runs yet, as I haven't had
the time. Maybe this weekend.
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Thanks for remembering.  Your results are about the same as mine. About a 10 pound jump in compression over the stock head.
Gunner, have you seen any improvement with the head so far?   What is your impression?  Thanks in advance.
Sorry, but I haven't even ridden my 700 yet. My son
usually rides it and every time I've been out, he's had
a conflict.

I'm still playing with my 800. As soon as that's dialed in
I'll start on my 700.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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