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Rode With Tunedbyear And Some Of His Crew 2/17

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Got to ride with tunedbyear on 2/17. We put on a rough ~75 miles. It was still nice to get out and ride somewhere different other than the same 50 mile loop here at home.
1st pic...Gas line that we got to ride for a couple miles. It was awsome. Not much traffic on this gas line for some reason. :undercover:

2nd pic.. We stopped at the bridge at Mt. Jewet. It was an old RR bridge that collapsed a couple years ago during a tornado. They were in the process of rehabing it at the time.

3rd pic.. Stopping for a bite to eat.


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Got to ride with my old neighbor and his grandson. They lived next door to me when I was growing up. His family had a big part in me getting this obsession with snowmobiling.

1st pic...Him and his grandson

2nd pic...Hiim, grandson, and my brother.

3rd pic...Me and my Rev and My brother and his Indy Classic

4th...Close Up of me and brother


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Got to ride with toocheaptosmoke a couple of times this year, but never got any pics. :confused:

1st Pic...My sleds in my back yard.

2nd pic...Me and my sleds at Moraine State Park

3rd pic... One last ride before snow melts!! :confused:

4th pic... Picture of one of my dogs out in the snow. She is a Brittany Spanial. Shes about
9 months old and always wanting to play. Her name is Grace. The other one dont like the
camera much. Hard to get a good picture of her.

Thanks Jake (tunedbyear) and Vinny (toocheaptosmoke). It was nice riding with you guys and hope we get to go again SOON!! :D


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Tuned is a great guy to ride with... He won't leave you stranded, won't push you to do something that you don't want to do and he knows where all the good snow is... I think we should all chip in to get his F7 running before his Canada trip..
But its an arctic cat, who would want to fix one of those?!? Just kidding. Tunedbyear has helped me numerous times on my sled, ill help him fix anyhting, thank you very much tuned, hope to ride with you next year.
i take it by your name that you weren't always a ski-doo man?nice pics :cool:
nice pics. I don't think we ever rode during the daylight, that must be the reason for no pics. :lmao: it was nice riding with you too, Greg (XCR583) never leaves a man behind :thumbsup:
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