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Rolled my Cheetah the other day for the first time. it was pretty bad. IT ripped the seat off and the trunk

I was going down this side street, it was covered in snow and really icy. We all know that cleated tracks dont hook up well on ice. I was going Full throttle (about 50mph), and i was fishtailing the back end. My tie rod broke, and i wasnt able to correct the steering. I went sideways down the road at about 50mph, until i got off the ice and hit hard pack. The sled rolled twice, and i did 3 sumersaults. It sucked. My neck hurt for 3 days.

my seat is really hammered, sp i got an older skidoo seat to mount to the sled. it looks retarded, but oh well, atleast my ### has cushion. Screw the trunk dont need it. My cheetah is a monstrosity now, but it is still the most fun sled i ever owned
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